CEO Coaching Program

We are extremely pleased to announce that ASIRT will be starting a 6 month CEO coaching program for you exclusively – starting from our Techday on 25th April 2014. Today, we live in dynamic, rapidly changing and developing society. The challenge we face today is the increased velocity of the rate of changes taking place in our society. The successful entrepreneur tends to be a visionary: competent, independent, action-oriented, passionate, confident, and virtuous who uses reason to focus enthusiasm on reality in the efforts to attain the goals.
ASIRT has always strived to add value to its partners not only in the domain but also in its endeavour to empower them to flourish in today’s competitive environment.
ASIRT Evolve – Smart to Smarter – A series of talks by Suneel Agarwal (Exclusively for ASIRT members at no cost)
These sessions will be held during our forthcoming Techdays on the dates mentioned below :
Friday, 25th April’14 - Core Principles The success of any enterprise lies in the core. The principles that guide the business and propel it towards higher goals. These time tested principles do not readily change to market forces or other external forces. They are the bedrock to a stable enterprise.
Friday, 23rd May’14 - Strategy & Road Map Business Intelligence is not just having a strategy but an efficient execution as well. Limited resources should not be an excuse for a modern enterprise. Devoting time and attention followed with discipline keeps you firmly in grip of your goals.
Friday, 20th June’14 – Communication The globalization of business has been made possible due to the rapid growth innovative mediums of communication. But it has also put communication on a severe test of being crisp and clear. That very often communication is the only medium to make crucial decisions makes it a crucial area for enterprises to focus their attention.
Friday, 25th July’14 – No Cost Branding In today’s brand conscious world, branding is as essential as sun to a day. Does Branding involve big names and big budgets only? Is there a way to build a Brand for small businesses without the deep pockets? Find out how.
Friday, 21st Aug’14 - Sales & Marketing Sales and Marketing are the twin engines that fuel the wheels of any enterprise. In a fiercely competitive environment you are left behind without a constant pool of ideas to look ahead. It is not a step towards a goal, but an ongoing effort to keep growing.
Friday, 19th Sept’14 - Customer Management The customer is king and flexes his muscles at every turn. Let alone acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers is proving to be a tricky task. Knowing your customer, the competition, your pricing and developing skills and tools to tackle are your response to this overloading task.

ASIRT Evolve – Smart to Smarter PDF File