Evolve Tool

Evolve your services business

EVOLVE your services business

We are pleased to present to you the Biggest & Exemplary – Yet simple to use tool for the SI & Retail industry – The ASIRT EVOLVE Service cost analysis tool.

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ASIRT EVOLVE tools features

See your business in depth

The ASIRT Evolve tool allows you to allocate your costs to each of your business segments & get a detailed overview of costs allocated to them.

Calculate your services costs

The tool allows you to make changes to your services rates in line with your costs & hence iron out loss-making or low margin areas.

Plan your spendings wisely

Plan your costs wisely every year by using this tool.

Please find attached a Revolutionary white paper which will help you understand the System integrator business model in India and genesis of typical problem areas for most industry players. We have also listed categorically the steps to take to help you turn your services business profitable. Also attached is the exemplary work – ASIRT Evolve – Services cost analysis tool - A really simple tool for system integrators & retailers to use to analyse their services business verticals, profitability & various other parameters associated with your business.
Notes • Please use this tool only after going through the instructions sheet. • Fill in your Services business expenses in Sheet “COSTING”completely. Ensure to apportion your common costs to as near to actual as possible. For dedicated service center costs, it would be easier to enter them. • Please leave costs heads blank if they do not apply to you. • Once you have entered all costs in your sheet, you will get accurate cost analysis for each vertical. Also the summary sheet will show a 1 page overview of your services costs. • The graph sheet gives a visual analysis of the summary sheet. • The “Real-I” sheet will show you a revenue-cost analysis and give you a actual indication of where you stand in terms of profitability.
We suggest that you use your last year 2015-16 figures for the 1st time since you would have accurate & actual values ready. Then you can use this tool for monthly, qtrly, half yearly & annual analysis & even advance projection for business.
Summary ASIRT will be sending this tool to the entire SI & retail industry across the country. We do hope that this stirs a revolution amongst our fraternity & help them EVOLVE their services business to higher levels.

Do give your feedback about the white paper & the analysis tool to board@asirt.in