Asirt TechDays

Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology.

The association conducts one Techday every month. Techdays will generally include varied topics such as better business management, soft skills enhancement, Product & technology overview, IT updates & more. Our techdays have already become a event to look forward to as it is a great place to learn, network & build new business opportunities.Click here to go to our Upcoming Events registration site.Please find the TechDay Schedule below, You can also download for your reference.

Techday schedule for 2018-19

15th Feb 2018 Thursday
15th March 2018 Thursday
18th April 2018 Wednesday
18th May 2018 Friday
15th June 2018 Friday
18th July 2018 Wednesday
17th Aug 2018 Friday
18th Sep 2018 Tuesday
17th Oct 2018 Wednesday
16th Nov 2018 Friday
18th. Dec 2018 Tuesday
18th Jan 2019 Friday
15th Feb 2019 Friday
15th March 2019 Friday

Download the TechDay Schedule for 2018-19